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COMMUNICATION VIA EMAIL.  You may reach Eller Counseling via email at contact@ellercounseling.com  to start counseling services, change or reschedule an appointment prior to 24 hours before the session is to begin or to provide general information to the therapist.

 COMMUNICATION BY PHONE/TEXT.  You may reach the therapist by cell phone if you need to reschedule an appointment within 24 hours of the appointment at 717.344.7005.  You may also leave a text message and if the therapist is not available you may leave a voice mail.  All text messages or voice mail may not be accessed by the therapist while the therapist is in clinic and therefore there may be a long wait of up to 12 hours before the therapist gets your message.   

 COMMUNICATION VIA REGULAR MAIL.  You may reach Eller Counseling via regular mail at the following address: 
        Eller Counseling
        PO Box 155
        Kirkwood, PA 17536

 EMERGENCIES.  Eller Counseling therapists do not provide emergency therapeutic services.  If you feel you are considering harming yourself or if you know someone that might do harm to themself or someone else call 911 immediately!  DO NOT HESITATE!


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